It’s a New Year!

As we embark on 2019 we want to remember what we are called of God to do and commit to doing that thing for the long haul. At Ebenezer House of Worship the word of God that came forth on the eve of 2019 was to surrender and submit to what God is asking us to do. So many times we promise God that we will do what he asks us to do but unfortunately we do not keep our promises. I liken this to when we make a New Years resolution but we stick to it for maybe a week or a month. We do not commit for the long haul.

Some of us keep looking for more or other instructions from God maybe because we do not like what we were asked to do. We want someone else’s instructions because they look more glamorous perhaps. Whatever the reason we do not keep our promises. God’s plan for our lives are for us individually, not for someone else. Let us stop procrastinating and surrender our will to God’s will.

Germaine Dublin