The Acts Church

As we study the book of Acts it becomes very clear God’s vision for His church. God wants us to live in community. He wants us to love one another. We see how the early church came together and use their resources to support others who were less fortunate such as the widows and the sick amongst them.This is what scripture was talking about when it admonished ‘not forsaking the assembling of ourselves’. We are expected to give, support, encourage, carry each other’s burden, pray for and teach each other.

There are different schools of thought about wether we should go to church or not but the scripture clearly states that we should. It does not mean that the church offer us salvation but it should be a place where some of your spiritual needs are being met; a place of refreshing and a place of sharing. If we do not ‘belong’, to a church family, we may miss out on the support that this family community can provide.

I would urge you if you have not done so already, please find a church family. Everything will not be perfect but it is beneficial. hanks for letting me know your thoughts. Please write them in the comment box below.