WOMEN’S Ministries

Women’s Ministries normally play an important role in any church ministry by supporting other ministries in the church in addition to building their community. Women’s Ministries are usually filled with willing women excited about carrying out the purposes of God. At Ebenezer House of Worship this is no different. We are so blessed to be considered of God for service.

Germaine Dublin
Women’s MinistrY Leader

The main purpose of the women’s ministry at Ebenezer House of Worship is to provide a safe environment where women can meet and discuss issues that are important to them; a place where they can share in confidence and recieve support, encouragement and spiritual covering from other like minded women. We foster a community of women where commonalities are identified and diversities are embraced. As mothers, sisters, daughters, friends we can do so much more to support each other.

The women’s ministry is built on the foundation of the word of God. We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and remain in a place of expectancy to recieve from God.

We believe in wholeness of mind, body and soul and understand this can only be achieved through our personal relationship with Christ and living in community.

Since the inception of  the women’s Ministries at Ebenezer House of Worship we have been very active  and to date have hosted a Women’s Conference in June 2017 & 2018. We also held our annual Prayer Forum in November 2017 and 2018. We have been blessed by the support of friends and other ministries to whom we are grateful.

We look forward to 2019 and what God has in store for the Women’s Ministries at EHOW.

WOMEN’S Conference 2017

PRAYER Summit 2017


Sunday Morning Worship 10:30am – 12:30pm


Ebenezer House of Worship, The Courtyard Marriott, 63R Boston Rd, Boston MA 02125