Mission involves (1) evangelism, which is the preaching a set of beliefs for the purpose of conversion, and (2) humanitarian work, especially among the poor and disadvantaged. Ebenezer House of Worship is a huge proponent of missions. Even as a small assembly Ehow is committed to the great commission and Following the example of the Acts Church. We believe that whilst people need to hear about the goodness of God they also need to experience the goodness of God in tangible ways.

Since 2017 Ebenezer House of Worship has supported a humanitarian work on the island of Haiti via ‘Rice Smile’ ministries. Rice Smiles is a registered charity here in the USA that has built churches, orphanage and schools in Haiti for orphaned children who lost there parents as a result of the devastating earthquake the hit the island some years ago or as a result of other causes.

Rice Smiles was founded and is operated by Bro Pierre Pilou who has experienced first hand what it is to be orphaned being an orphan himself. He has a real God given passion to give back to his community. His love for these children is immeasurable.

  Bro Pierre Pilou

Very recently Ehow was able to raise money to purchase 100 much needed shoes for some of these children living in the orphanage on the island of Haiti. In summertime EhoW was able provide Rice Smiles with school supplies also for the kids in Haiti.

Giving should be a part of our very existence. We are called to give to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We are also called to be cheerful givers. If you wish to give to help support the children taken care of by Rice Smiles click on the donate button and add Rice Smiles in the comment box.

We thank you on behalf of Bro Pierre and the children of Haiti for any and all contribution that you make to help support the children of Haiti.